Hello and welcome to my site . My name is Nev and I’m a freelance writer, independent researcher and blogger on health, fitness, wellbeing and travel. My writing is influenced by my long immersion in Social, Cultural and Biological Anthropology, Thai massage, Buddhism and Yoga and their holistic theories which place people in complex interrelationship with each other and their biological, social and natural worlds. I write mainly on what’s good for people, their health and the planet, and how these issues intersect. I have a particular expertise and interest in Thai massage, Yoga, meditation, mental health, fitness, table tennis, social/cultural life and travel ( slow, active and adventure travel).

My Thai massage practice and Yoga teaching is now much more part-time make space for my research, writing and photographic work. My Yoga teaching is mainly retreats on Dartmoor in Devon, UK and Thai massage is available at my home clinic in Totnes, Devon, UK. My professional site for that work is here.

Please feel free to have a look around my site and any blog posts of interest. Get in touch if you are looking to collaborate or would like words for your project on my subject areas.

Current projects

I’m researching and writing on the biological, social, psychological and cultural dimensions of health and well-being. This is sometimes partly based on my clinical experience with my patients, what questions arise through my work with them, and what their situations teach me about modern life and its ailments and potential solutions. In addition I write blogs and articles on travel in Europe and Asia with a focus on health, wellbeing, sustainable travel, slow travel and adventure travel. I am also an amateur league table tennis player and am often training in and thinking about that. Please have a look at the blog page to see some ideas, or the subject guide above. I’m a writer on Medium, you can follow me on that platform here.


I personally believe good writing needn’t be dense and complicated, and that if something is well understood it should be possible to write about in clear unambiguous language. Whilst there are nuances in every subject, my aim is to try and create clarity rather than confusion. I like to try and approach my writing through a holistic anthropological type lens rather than one dimensional viewpoints .

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