Table Tennis

I love table tennis. It can be played at any age and level and it’s fun with many benefits to health through cardio exercise combined with complex tactical thinking. Described by a friend as like playing chess whilst skiing down hill. Despite its accessibility, I believe it’s the hardest most interesting sport to get really good at as there are so many both physical and mental skills involved (my bias of course).

I play in the south Devon league for Torbay Table Tennis Academy (alarmingly competitive) and have also managed to combine it with travel by attending one training camp in Hungary and two in Denmark so far . I also practiced in the table tennis club in Chiang Mai whilst there and experienced a little of their approach to coaching. I would love one day to experience playing table tennis in an East Asian country. It’s the same game but the cultural differences in how people go about coaching, training and playing are a source of fascination to me.

Blogs on Table Tennis:

Table Tennis Training Camp in Hungary.

The game brings out another side of me.
Division 3 Champions , taken just after the last minute win that clinched the title.
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