About Nev

For the last twenty five years I’ve worked as a yoga teacher in various forms, including running weekly classes, workshops, retreats ( in the UK and abroad) and teaching the history and philosophy of yoga on yoga teacher training courses. I’m also a practicing Thai massage therapist.

I’ve been writing most of my life informally , keeping notebooks, diaries and blogs . In 2011 I took a travel writing and journalism course and then an online journalism course with the London School of Journalism to explore working more formally with this . I’ve written a few articles for yoga magazines and training manuals for yoga schools and HFE fitness . I also worked part time for a year at Big Star Copywriting .

As well as my various Yoga and massage qualifications, I have a BA Hons 2/1 Humanities degree focused in Asian Religions and Culture and Environmental Studies. This year (2022) after along wait I’m embarking on an MSc. in Social and Cultural Anthropology at UCL to formally pursue a long term interest in this area.

At times over the last 20 years parenting has taken priority and writing a back seat. Now my two sons are 19 and 22 I have space to write and study again, and travel more, whilst continuing to run my yoga and Thai massage business part time.

Outside of writing, yoga and Thai massage I play table tennis in the south Devon league ( Division 2 ) and enjoy travelling to training camps in the UK and abroad. I love taking long cycling trips in the UK and continental Europe . I am a long term appreciator and student of Asian culture since first travelling to India and Nepal in 1987. S.E. Asia and India in particular are my interests. Although I enjoy and appreciate my identity as British, I would say outside of my formal education I have learned so many useful life enhancing skills and perspectives from time spent in Asia where I have spent more than three years over several trips.

For my Yoga teaching work and Thai massage practice go to www.nevyogamassage.co.uk